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Weather Louvres

For ventilation systems

Fixed Blade Louvre


This type is primarily used on the external face of a building or duct system where resistance to rain water is required. It has a good aesthetic appearance whilst offering good airflow characteristics.

External Weather Louvres 50mm Blade Pitch

WL-50 fixed blade external louvres represent the smallest architectural louvre profile available in this series and is particularly suitable for smaller projects where a balanced appearance is necessary. The profile of the blade offers good resistance to the penetration of rain whilst maintaining 50% free area. Characteristic continuous line appearance and concealed vertical stacking is available for this series.

External Weather Louvres 100mm Blade Pitch

WL-100 fixed blade external louvres represent the largest architectural louvre profile in this series and is best suited to larger louvre applications. The profile of the blade offers good resistance to rain whilst maintaining a high 50% free area. Characteristic continuous line and concealed vertical stacking is available for this series.


Above: Louvred wall built and installed around a generator on site.  Powder coated finish, complete with louvered doors.

Below:  Weather louvres fitted to window of a multi-story car park.


Penthouse Louvres

PHL Penthouse louvres are suitable for air intake or discharge over ventilation shafts etc. on flat roofs, and available in WL50, WL75 and WL100 profile sections. The penthouse louvres have continuous mitred corners and an aluminium or galvanised steel gently sloping roof. PHL penthouse louvres offer good resistance to the ingress of rain whilst maintaining 50% free area​.


Louvred Doors


Doors can be manufactured to fit any aperture in either single or double form, and in 75mm or 100mm format. Door design can also incorporate filters,  acoustic Panels, Control Dampers, etc as specified. Acoustic panel doors - details upon request.

(See above examples)

Acoustic Louvres

The Acoustic Louvre is designed to reduce noise from plant rooms, or ventilation system inlets and outlets, whilst offering good external appearance, free flow of air and excellent weather resistance.

They are available with two ranges of acoustic performance: Type AC1 giving 10/15 dB attenuation and Type AC2 giving 20/25 dB attenuation.

Acoustic tests were carried out using a dynamic substitution test method, which involved measuring the noise level of a ducted noise source, both with and without the louvre in place. 

The specially designed blade section, ensures that the pressure loss is similar when the louvre is fitted at an inlet, or at an air outlet of a system.

2016-09-29 07.59.36.jpg
colchester engineering systems

Sandtrap Louvre

This is a fixed blade type weatherlouvre which is specifically designed to remove air carried sand from an air stream and which would usually be used for an air intake to a ventilation system. However, this type of louvre can also be used where high "IP" ratings are required for water or sand ingress.

Type STL Series 2


Used for the filtration airborne sand or screening to plant rooms etc. Suitable for intake/exhaust applications. Insect screens and/or filters can be fitted if required. Units are capable of separating to 80% of airborne particles. A horizontal discharge blade is incorporated into each to facilitate clearance of collected debris from the unit. Larger units can be manufactured in the form of modules if required.

Constructional Specification


The louvres are constructed with a fully welded 2.5mm thick, zinc coated steel outer casing with integral flanges to facilitate fixing to the builders work opening or connecting ductwork. The blades are manufactures from 1.6mm thick, zinc coated steel which are welded into the outer casing. The outer flanges are normally supplied undrilled unless other-wise requested.

The acoustic louvres are constructed with a fully welded, 2.5mm thick, zinc-coated steel outer casing, with integral flanges to facilitate fixing to the builders-work opening and connecting duct work. The acoustic blades are manufactured from 1.6mm thick, zinc-coated steel, with heavy density rockfibre acoustic infill being retained in place behind perforated galvanised sheet steel.

The heavy density rockfibre acoustic infill is inert, vermin proof and non-hygroscopic. It has a Class 1 Spread of Flame Certificate, to BS476, part 6. The infill has a mesh scrim facing to prevent fibre erosion.

Alternative materials and methods or construction are available and details will be supplied upon request.



 All louvre types have a primer paint finish but can also be finish painted if required.

For further information please contact CES at:


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