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Exhaust Silencers

For diesel or gas powered generator sets.


 CES have developed a range of high performance box type exhaust silencers which have the following advantages over cylindrical type conventional silencers:

1. Single unit only needed instead of multi-unit system

2. Higher acoustic performance

3. Low noise break-out from casing

4. Thermal cladding unnecessary

5. Lower installation cost

 Acoustic Performance


These silencers are designed to achieve a high degree of acoustic performance, which in turn is governed by the number of internal chambers or passes. In a typical installation, the performances achieved would be as follows:

chart 1

 (nb. this relates to noise emanating from the exhaust tailpipe only. Long length tailpipes will produce lower noise levels.)


Constructional Specification


The silencers have a fully welded 2.5mm thick zinc coated steel outer skin and internal baffling. The internal chambers are filled with rigid 110kg/m3 high temperature rockfibre slab, retained in place with perforated galvanised sheet tubes.

The inlet connection(s) are normally flanged to BS10 table D with off centre line drillings. The outlet can either be a similar flange or a mitred tailpipe of length to suit individual requirements.

The silencer is finish painted with high temperature aluminium.

For further information please contact CES at:


Unit 5 Chancers Farm, Fossetts Lane, Fordham,

Colchester, Essex, CO6 3NY


Tel 01206 240788


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