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Ventilation products and Ductwork

This photograph shows the ventilation ductwork for one of the biotechnology solvent removal plants that we designed, supplied and installed in 2001. The ductwork was in galvanised steel to DW142 specification and the system incorporated volume control dampers, access panels and extensive support steelwork.

The plant works on the principle of delivering solvent laden air to biological filtration module, which removes the solvent by biological processes and then discharges the clean air back into the atmosphere through a high performance centrifugal fan. 

Whilst this is a large system, we are pleased to quote for any size of project, whether it is removing cooking smells from a fast food outlet, or delivering cooling air to a refrigeration compressor - or any other application requiring an air supply.

For further information please contact CES at


Unit 5 Chancers Farm, Fossetts Lane, Fordham,

Colchester, Essex, CO6 3NY


tel 01206 240788


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