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Generator Enclosure Repairs

We offer inspection of existing canopies that are in need of repair.  After conducting an initial site visit we can advise what is best for your canopy which can include replacement of parts such as doors, exhausts and attenuators etc.  We can fit parts on site, paint, re-seal, replace roofs and more depending on the condition of the canopy and requirements.

We offer a free inspection within a 50 mile radius of Colchester.  Beyond that, we charge a small fee to cover travel expenses.  This may vary depending on location.

The following jobs are example projects we have undertaken:

Example 1: Leaky + rusty canopy renovation.

Example 2: Rotted container repair + outlet /roof replacement.

Example 3: Exhaust + door replacement + canopy refurb.

Example 4: New exhaust + canopy refurb.

Example 5: Exhaust re-cladding, canopy refurb, ventilation cowls fitted.

Example 6: New roof skin, inlet doors, refurb and paint.

Example 7: New outlet cowl, exhaust, doors, refurb and paint.

Example 8: New outlet louvres

For further information please contact CES at



Unit 5 Chancers Farm, Fossetts Lane, Fordham,

Colchester, Essex, CO6 3NY


tel 01206 240788


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