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Acoustic Doors

Acoustic door colchester engineering systems

For plant rooms

colchester engineering systems

Our sound resistant and airtight metal doors have been used by many contractors, specifying authorities, government authorities and nationally known companies.

An extended range of standard sizes and purpose designed doors, with optional features and finishes are now available, enabling us to exactly meet your requirements, whilst maintaining the high quality of construction and design, for which we are known.

Acoustic Performance


These doors are constructed with single or double leaves and there are three standard ranges of acoustic performance – 30dB, 38dB and 45dB. An extended range of doors are also available in swing or sliding leaf configurations and are designed to suit individual acoustic requirements.

 The transmission loss of the doors in measured in accordance with BS 2750 1956 “Recommendations for Field and laboratory Measurements of Airborne and Impact Sound Transmission in Buildings” and where the single figure ratings are obtained by averaging the sound reduction indices in the third octave bands from 100Hz-3150Hz.

The performance characteristics across the frequency spectrum for each type of door are given in the chart below.

Constructional Specification


The acoustic doors are of the single or double leaf type, having free opening dimensions as given in the schedule. A replaceable Neoprene seal is affixed around the periphery of the door leaf and frame, in order that the air leakage does not exceed 5m3 /hour at a pressure differential of 250mm w.g.

The type 30dB doors have 50mm thick double skinned leaves, manufactured with internal stiffening bars and infill. They are fitted with satin anodised handles and a tempered compression lock system and continuous hinges. On double leaf doors the remaining leaf, has two tempered monkey tail bolts.

The standard type 38dB doors have 76mm thick double skinned leaves, with internal stiffening and acoustic infill. They are fitted with lockable fasteners which have internal fluorescent push button panic release mechanism and are hung by two heavy duty steel hinges. On double leaf doors the first closing leaf is fitted with an Espagnolette fastener, giving two point fixing at top and bottom. The vertical centre post is an integral part of this leaf.

 The higher performance type 45dB doors have 76mm thick double skinned leaves, manufactured from heavy gauge sheet steel and have a heavy density acoustic infill, with an internal baffle. They are fitted with a two point location Espagnolette fastener on each door leaf. On double leaf doors, only one external handle is provided with the vertical centre post being bolted into position.

 Windows (where fitted) have 6mm thick glass panes held in place by ‘H’ profiled P.V.C. rubber section, for single or double glazed where appropriate.

Floor thresholds are either fixed, easily removable, low level, or flush with the door, as specified.

The external range of doors are constructed from materials compatible with the application and the sliding configuration is available with manual or automatic operation facility.



All doors will be supplied with a primer paint spray finish, unless otherwise specified and can be supplied finish painted to any B.S 4800 colour, if required.

For further information please contact CES at:


Unit 5 Chancers Farm, Fossetts Lane, Fordham,

Colchester, Essex, CO6 3NY


Tel 01206 240788


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